Hal Generao

Art Director | Visual Strategist | Illustrator and Designer

Olivia Hal Generao, a Filipino-American, versatile creative professional from upstate New York, relocated to Spokane, WA in the summer of 2022. She quickly integrated herself into Spokane’s thriving art community, passionate political sphere, and innovative entrepreneurial networks; shortly thereafter starting her own small business selling personal works of art to supplement her already flourishing freelance career.

Some of her current work includes: Executive director at The Silent Majority Arts Exhibition, an organization dedicated to bridging the perceived gap in the community's political divide through art as well as owner and designer of The Ghost Shop.

With a rich background in art direction, visual strategy, brand curation, illustration, and design, Olivia leverages her talents to amplify diverse voices and foster meaningful connections within the community. Her commitment to positive change resonates through her innovative curation and her efforts to unite and inspire through creativity. Her work exemplifies a dedication to visual storytelling, driving forward her mission to elevate the cultural landscape and inspire others to do the same.

She has collaborated with bands, organizations which support emerging artists and musicians such as the Kyle Robinson Memorial Foundation and DAB (Digital Arts Blog), government employees, and campaign managers on Spokane City Council races and congressional campaigns.

In her free time she enjoys writing music, studying Buddhism, drinking coffee, and making care packages for those in need.


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